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Hi, I'm John.

I am an IT professional and the CEO of JET.

Specialized in the repair and troubleshooting of computers, I strive to provide the best service for my clients – a harmonious working experience and quality fixes without any hassle that will get your computer up and running again!

And not only that. I offer a couple of other IT services which include: data backup and recovery, security services and maintenance, database management, among others!

Whether you’re an individual, private firm or big corporation, I have every requisite experience/expertise to match your demands. Customer service is impeccable, and you will be stunned by my work afterwards.

Reach out to me and let’s discuss how I can set you running!

Services I Offer

IT Support

Get access to 24/7 dedicated IT support. Have your problem solved in no time.

Laptop/PC Repairs

Get your computer issues fixed almost immediately, without any hassle. You wouldn’t even notice there was an earlier problem!

Data Backup

Your files are important. Losing them isn’t cool and nobody likes that. With improved techniques, I’ll keep all your files safe in the cloud – away from hackers and spammers.

Networking Support

Everyone deserves Internet & Connectivity. So, if you have an office, business place, home or neighborhood that needs to be connected, no problem! Just reach out to me and we’ll have you surfing away in no time.

Special Mac Packages

Got a Mac? You’re in for a treat. Having a Mac means you’re automatically entitled to all of JET’s many productivity tools and applications, at a greatly discounted price or even FREE!

We Come To You

Can’t pay us a visit? Don’t bother. We will “come to you” and get everything you want, done. JET was founded on the sole principle of customer satisfaction and we are still committed to that. Irrespective of what you need done – WiFi setup, Windows/iOS Installation, we’ll come to you!

Our Solutions Comprise:

Residential Solutions

• Troubleshooting and repair solutions to keep you and your family connected.

• Make sure your family is safe while online with our Security options.

• Don’t ever worry about losing family memories with our Backup solutions.

• Keeping your computers up and running through periodic background checks.

Commercial Solutions

• Proactively monitoring and supporting your systems.

• Customized solutions that fit your needs and budget.

• Decrease downtime, while increasing employee productivity.

• Providing state-of-the-art technology Services to exceed expectations.

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